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Express yourself with these timeless messages on note cards, bookmarks, and other calligraphic artwork created by Lorraine.

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Lorraine created these originals with oils, watercolor, or gouache They are one-of-a-kind.

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Original Art

These originals are unique; they are created by Lorraine, by hand. The calligraphic art is made with dip pens, watercolor, gouache, and other media. Paintings are gouache (a sort of watercolor) or oil.

Please email or call me (608.566.2061) if you'd like more information about these paintings. I'll ship it to you or send you a larger photograph for a closer look.


Tall Trees

Oil on canvas, about 12 x 16
Seeing the slivers of sky through the tall trees in the Baraboo Bluffs, painted at Durwards Glen. $400



Durward’s Glen

Gouache on wood, about 12 x 12
I spent a week painting a handful of scenes at Durward’s Glen. This is a bird’s eye view of the landscape. $400

Fairfield Marsh

Oil on canvas, about 11 x 14
The wetlands just west of the Lower Narrows on Highway 33. $300


Snowy Field from Rowley Road

Oil on cotton paper, about 12 x 7
The low winter sun made shadows on the rolling corn stubble $180

Lower Narrows

Gouache on cotton paper, about 24 x 12
The eastern light across the Highway 33 narrows leaves a shadow on the black soil of the valley. $350



Reflecting Pool at Durward’s Glen

Oil on canvas, about 16 x 20
The moody light reflected on the pond at Durward’s Glen in Caledonia Township. $500


Run in the Rain with Friends

Gouache on canvas, about 12 x 16
We three got caught in a short, but strong, spring storm while running on Hamilton Street in Portage. $400



God Sent Me an Angel Just to Chase Away My Blues

Oil on canvas, about 16 x 16
I heard John Prine sing these lyrics and had to make a painting. (The song is “Everything is OK.”) $300

This original art is about 24 x 30 inches framed in solid wood. I created it with walnut ink, watercolor and gouache on Arches 140# watercolor paper. It has three quotations:

Who plants a tree plants a hope.
Trees are God's first alphabet. W. C. Bryant
We grow when we plant trees whose shade we shall never sit in.
Greek Proverb

Framed: $265 plus shipping | Without mats or frame: $210 plus shipping