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Express yourself with these timeless messages on note cards, bookmarks, and other calligraphic artwork created by Lorraine.

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These little gift cards are about 3 x 3.5 inches, no fold.

Lorraine created these cards with watercolor and gouache (a sort of opaque watercolor) and had them printed on heavy, textured, Strathmore paper. They are 4.25 x 6 inches, with white envelopes Cards are blank inside.

Each card is $1.85.

Click here to see Lorraine's artworks as they are created.

Through this difficult time my Athletic Cards are HALF PRICE, 90 cents each, to make it easier to stay connected. Shipping is FREE.

Be well, stay home if you can, stay apart if you must travel.

bike Heart Rising Athletic Art

Heart Rising Athletic Art features the joy of biking and swimming. I hope to also create designs on themes of running and yoga -- we'll see!.

To order please email, call, or write me with your preferences. I'll ship things to you with an invoice and you can mail a check. FREE shipping for orders $40+, $2 for orders up to $10, $4 for orders $10 to $39.



Safe Journey $1.85
4.25 x 6 inch note card, order by title

Victoire! Bikey Nike $1.85
4.25 x 6 inch note card, order by title

Dream of a Century $1.85
4.25 x 6 inch note card, order by title

Double Reverie $1.85
4.25 x 6 inch note card, order by title

Biking Out of the Cloud
This is an original painting in watercolor and gouache. It is is 6 by 6 inches, framed to 11 by 11 inches; you can purchase it for $250. Click here to see a close up.

Mountain Bike Icon Here is a painting - an icon - to admire a mountain bike. The painting is in watercolor, gouache, and some metallic paint; 9.25 x 7 inches, framed to 14 by 18 inches, $500. Click here to see a close up.



Imagining Eden

Gouache on paper $400, about 12 x 16


Joyful Hills

Gouache on cotton paper, about 7 x 18
We all need help up the hills. $300